Academic year : 2019-2020
Date : 7 February 2020

The Kindergarten children of St. Christopher’s Academy were taken on a field trip to Guindy Park. The trip was to provide students an experience outside their everyday school activities. Field trips provide an opportunity to take a break from their normal routine and experience learning outdoors. When the children entered the snake park, they were excited to see different kinds of snakes. They also enjoyed the snake show which was conducted there. They were also very curious to see the crocodiles and alligators. They enjoyed watching different kinds of birds like turkey, spoonbill, parrots etc. Children were excited to see monkeys swinging on the tree, mother monkey carrying her baby and having raw vegetables as their food. They were surprised to see the porcupines, iguana, turtles and chameleons. The ultimate enjoyment was in the play area, where they took turns to play with their classmates. They were thrilled and enjoyed the trip and had fun .